Shoes for Toddlers



Instructor - Sharon Raymond

Learn to make small shoes, and develop skills that can be used to make simple shoes in any size. Each shoemaking kit has two colorful pieces of leather with stitching holes punched in them for making the upper parts of the shoes, along with soles. A piece of elastic and a little buckle complete each unique shoe. The uppers are made from upholstery remnants and the soles are made from natural rubber, so these shoes are ecological as well as healthy for little feet, as they have a wide toe area and are soft and flexible.

Cost: $60.00                                                                                                     Materials Fee $30.00

Total: $90.00

Leather, elastic, buckles, waxed braided thread, stitching needles, scissors. Includes pdfs of two shoemaking books with directions and patterns for making shoes in a variety of sizes and styles - $30.00 value

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