Young Designer Visits NYFW

In late January, Noelle Goyette was in search of someone to help her construct her fashion week ensemble when she contacted Diana Coluntino of New Vestures (NV). 

 Noelle is no stranger to the circus that is New York Fashion Week. This year marks her third pilgrimage to the famed tents. For the past three years she has been an honored guest of Michelle Smith, Founder and designer of Milly New York. Each year Noelle attends the shows wearing one of her own creations. Noelle has been designing clothes since she was six years old but still needs help executing her looks. This year Noelle collaborated with Diana Coluntino of NV to fabricate her latest design. Noelle brought her illustration entitled "City Chic" to NV and in true fashion form, the ensemble was brought to life just weeks before the event.

There’s something to be said about the assertive nature of the youth culture today. Noelle Goyette of Hampstead, NH is no stranger in asserting herself. It’s rare when you meet an 11 year old that has even a vague idea of what they want to do for the rest of their life. Noelle and her father have been contacting influential people for years, writing them letters asking for words of wisdom and encouragement. Some of the notables include the late Dave Brubeck, Bobby McFerrin, as well as fashion designer Tory Burch. All of whom gladly responded with warm letters and invitations. Noelle is looking forward to developing her craft at New Vestures and New Vestures is looking forward to watching her grow.